My favorite pumpkin decoration tutorial

Hi there! I’m back with a fun DIY home decoration today. Autumn is my favorite season of the year! I adore the cozy evenings, the colorful falling leaves, and the beautiful sunsets, and like every year I can’t wait to decorate my home with some fall-themed creations. These little paper pumpkins cheer up my desk this year. They are super cute and so easy to create!

And the best part is that you can add short messages to the back of the orange paper pieces (good wishes, a fall bucket list, or a favorite fall recipe) and it will become a nice gift that you can give to your loved ones!

Click here to watch a short tutorial on my IG.

To create the pumpkin decoration first I used my Trim Board by We R Memorykeepers to trim down the patterned paper into 4×3” and folded the paper pieces in half.

Now I grabbed a 3” wide circle dies. To create the pumpkin shape, I needed to use only a part of the circle, so I hid a small part from it using washi tape.

I placed the circle die onto the folded paper and aligned the fold to the washi tape and rolled it through the Mini Evolution Machine.

I repeated the process 8 times. Now I punched holes in the center of the paper pieces using the Disc Power Punch tool.

When finished, I attached every paper to a binding disc.

To finish the pumpkin, I added a little stem and leaves to the top. You can use a hot glue gun to attach the stem to the binding disc if needed.

One more tip:

If you would like to take photos of your pretty pumpkins, I show you my go-to technique to do that! First I stand my WRMK Photo Background on a smaller desk and choose a pretty background from the collection. Next, I place the pumpkins and props close to the background and place a light on the left side of the desk. (On the right side there is natural light). Now I place my camera in front of the desk at the same high as the pumpkins. Now everything is ready for a pretty photo!

 I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that I could inspire you to create fall decorations for your home! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

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