How to Set Up a Portable Craft Space

Hey everybody, I'm up on the WeR Memory keepers blog sharing some storage and organization tips. There are many crafters who do not have a dedicated room but create scrapbooks regularly in the living room or on the kitchen table. In such cases, it is very important to be able to take out your tools and supplies quickly, not to waste time unpacking. A huge help in this the new A la Cart storage solution, in which all the essential tools we may need can be placed.

The three storage trays of the car can hold a lot of stuff. I put my most used tools on the top shelf of the car. Here I store scissors, glue, rulers, paper trimmer, pencil, and eraser. I placed two more boxes here from the washi tape storage box for the tiny supplies like washi tape, flowers, buttons, beads I often use on my scrapbook creations.

In the second stage, I placed my favorite WRMK tools I use regularly. Among other things, here is the envelope punch board, alphabet punch board, edge punchers, and my dies for Revolution cutting machine. I even hung my Crops-a-dile and disc punch tool to the edge of the box.

On the bottom shelf are the paints, glitters, stamps, and the heating tool. The brushes and scissors were placed in the holders hung on the side of the car. I even hung big rings on the side of the car to hold eyelet sets and plastic disc sets.

I love the fact that every essential tools are gathered on my A la Cart. I simply roll it out and I can get creative already.

I like to add the Glass mat and the super useful Desktop Dustbin to my creative set. The glass mat protects my desk and helps me to create mixed media project, and the dust bin helps me to keep clean my desk. With these three tools, I can prepare my space in seconds, leaving me plenty of time for creating.

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