Winter scene Christmas album with process video

Hi everyone! Today I would like to keep an old promise :) A while ago I shared my Marigold mini-album and I asked you if you would like a process video for that type of accordion-folded mini-album, and so many of you said YES, sooo here it is!! I created a 'Christmas' version and I just LOVE how this turned out. I used a beautiful Spanish collection, the Norte & Sur by Lora Bailora

Here is the process video with the sizes and the steps of the basic assembly:

The size of the cover is 12,5 x 18 cm, the spine is 4x18 cm. The pages are 24,5 or 30 cm wide folded by 11,5 cm, 11,5 cm. The high of the pages is 10 / 11/ 11,5 and 12 cm. Please check out the detailed description in the process video. 

Thanks for stopping by! Bea


  1. Very beautiful! Thank you for the master class!

  2. Thank You, Thank you!!!! I have been waiting to finish the album...I got the front done but wasn't sure how to do the pages! Merry Christmas!