Origami forms with Silhouette

I have seen this cute origami balloons several times, but I'm not that kind of girl who likes measuring with a ruler...I'm that kind of girl who loves using her Silhouette!! <3

So I designed a cut file, and now I could create tons of these balloons in a few minutes, and my kids keep folding them either!!

We made pineapple for the Summer, pumpkin for the Autumn, a cute and colorful banner, and a beautiful white one for Christmas decoration... I think it will be a BIG favourite in our family :) 

I made the pumpkin form the same template as the pineapple, I just glued together three papers instead of two. This way the form became wider :)

Már sokszor találkoztam ezekkel a kis origami gömbökkel a neten, de a sok méricskélés elvette a kedvem az elkészítésüktől... de persze erre való a Sihouette. Megterveztem a vágó fájlt, 2 perc alatt elkészíti a gép a tökéletesen pontos mintát, 10 perc alatt meghajtogatom és kész :) Megtervezhetitek ti is magatoknak, vagy a képre kattintva tudjátok letölteni a mintákat. Jó szórakozást! Ha kézzel szeretnéd elkészíteni, Martha Stewart oldalán találsz leírást!

You can see in the video how I made this decoration in ten minutes with my Cameo :) So easy and fun!

Its a very simple pattern, you can design your own or just click on the pictures and download the studio3 cut file!





Here are some good advice by Becky Hinrichs for US Cameo users : 
'You have to resize these for letter size (for US) because they come sized for A4. I made on both cardstock and paper. The paper turned out best. Use the video to check if you are doing it right including the gluing. Count the diamonds and rows from the video.'

You can find more free cut files here, happy crafting!

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